As we were driving back to Panama City at the end of this trip, Bill and I were discussing the journal and the events and stories we wanted to include.  On a lark, I asked him "Would you be interested in writing this one up"?  He said that he would, so the majority of the text in this journal is Bill's work.  I appreciate him doing the writing, and think that having a different author will give you an interesting new perspective on our adventures.  All of my comments will be in italics.  --Chan


June 2007 Ride Trip Report


Day One Wednesday 6 June 2007


This would prove to be an especially great weekend.  When riding motorcycles in the Smokey Mountains, moto-heads are assured a great time.  Just a few minutes of mountain riding, one  could easily be convinced that the mountain highways were designed and built for the express purpose of riding motorcycles to the maximum extent.   Adding to the anticipation of a three day ride spanning Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina was Stevenís seventeenth birthday, which would take place during the motorcycle adventure.  As part of the birthday celebration, Steven was on-board for the trip with Chan and Bill; Chan on his Suzuki V-Strom 650, and Steven and Bill two up on their BMW 1150 RT. 


Wednesday afternoon, under a sunny, perfect blue sky, Steven and Bill staged their motorcycle equipment and camping gear in their driveway. Their leather jackets quickly became soft and pliable under the heat of the Sun. Chan soon arrived with his truck and pre-loaded motorcycles in tow. The gear was loaded into the truck, Bill and Steven jumped into the cab, and the three exited the neighborhood eagerly anticipating the adventure awaiting them. 



A few miles down the road, dinnertime coincided with their arrival in Phoenix City, Alabama. Bill can easily survive solely on Mexican style food; so, at his suggestion, the three decided to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant frequented by Bill and his family when traveling the north/south corridor to Atlanta.  The Chimichanga went down quickly and in no time, the three amigos were back on the road making great time to Atlanta.  The city of Atlanta came and went as the three drove on, conversing about the  possibilities of the next three days of moto-travel. With an on-time arrival at Dahlonega, GA the three checked in to their hotel room and it was quickly lights-out.