Alaska, 2006

"Alaska?  Didn't you go to Alaska last year?"

Well, yes, we did.  And we loved it.  So why not go back?  It is such a huge place, with so much to see and do, that one trip is hardly enough.  Also, my mother had wanted to come with us last year, but had not been able to.  She was free this summer, so it sounded like a good excuse to show her around.  We discussed doing a cruise again, but cruise ships aren't Mom's cup of tea.  She preferred to take the Alaska Marine Highway (the ferry system that runs all over Alaska) and see the Inside Passage that way.  We had never been to Fairbanks, so that sounded like a good place to start, and we decided to end our trip in Vancouver...Lana and I loved Vancouver last year and wanted to spend more time there. 

Lana had wished for a better camera with a longer lens last year.  This year she got her wish, and carried a Canon 20D with a 300mm lens.  Most of the pictures are hers (she made over 2500 shots in the three weeks we were gone).