Art's Sushi Boat.

Gina sporting a new hairstyle.


Anne sneaking some ribs...Yummmmmmm!




Limp-wristed Stan.  What could he be saying to Jerry?


Peggy, Jimmy, Mitzie, Gina, Anne, and Randy.  Kathy peering in from the back porch.


Roger, Arlon, Kate, and Jerry.  Note Kate's new tats!


Del, Kris, Larry, Rick, Gail, and the back of Danny's head.  Where's Collette?


Connie, Marc, Chan, and Kathy.

Laura, Art, and Bill.


Barry, Stan, George, and Barb.


Randy and Anne.


Jerry and Stan


Kate, Roger, and Barb




Lana and Stan



Marc, Connie, Kathy, and Bill


Chan, Laura, and Art


Rick with the Man Basket.


Larry, Jerry, Arlon, and Kate.


Chan, Bill, and Gina


Bill and Art.



The Feats of Strength begin.



Video of Feats of Strength (starts off sideways, give it a few seconds)


Video of Lana giving out presents