Momís birthday is April 21.  April is also a wonderful time to ride the mountains; the temperatures are moderate, and the spring flowers are just starting to come out.  So we decided to haul a bike to Savannah, spend Momís birthday with her, then let Lana take the truck back to Panama City while I rode north for a week.  Richard said he would probably join me, and Bill and a few other guys wanted to join me for a couple of days on the tail end of the trip.


We left for Savannah on the 20th, bike in tow.  Interstate 10 was crowded with bike traffic, headed for Birmingham and the races at Barber Motor Speedway.  We must have seen 200 bikes on the road between Panama City and Savannah.



Got to brag on Mom a bit.  She looks pretty good for 77, and still gets around pretty well.  She had just returned from a 10 day trip to Egypt, which she described as "The worst trip of my life.  If anything could have gone wrong, it did".  They had missed flights and been delayed by a day going and coming, and suffered through lost luggage, crowded tours, and triple-digit heat.  She had such a bad time that she left a few days after this picture was taken for a 3-week trip to Africa.

Hardheaded, I guess.

She still scuba dives, and has a trike on order.

Not bad for 77!


Momís birthday was a hit.  We had a crowd of about a dozen, mostly old family friends that  I had known since childhood.  Some I hadnít seen in years.  It was a good reunion.





Party Crasher.  "Where's the ice cream"?