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It's all my mothers fault.

Years ago, Mom started keeping journals of our family travels.  She would shoot lots of pictures and keep notes in a loose-leaf binder, then put it all together when she got home.  Over the years, the bookshelf became stuffed full of memories, and we would often sit down on a lazy afternoon and go through them, re-living the good time that we had. 

I decided to follow Mom's example when I took my first long-distance motorcycle tour.  And instead of putting it on paper, I decided to put in on the web, where it could easily be shared with family and friends.  

Take your time, and enjoy!

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Trip Journals

Trip journals are best viewed at 1024x768 or higher. 

Lots of pictures, be prepared for long download times if you are on dialup.

All spelling and grammatical errors are purely intentional.

Three Amigos Motorcycle Trip June 2008

Vancouver/Victoria, BC, Trip, May 2008

Italy, November 2007

June Motorcycle Trip 2007: Bill, Steve, and Richard ride NC

Memorial Day 2007: Riding the BRP and Camping with the Family

Spring Motorcycle Trip 2007: Virginia, NC, North GA

A Quick, Cold Motorcycle Trip to Tennessee, Nov. 2006

East Coast Motorcycle Trip 2006: New England and Canada

Alaska Trip 2006

Western Motorcycle Trip 2005: South Dakota Badlands

Alaska and West Coast Trip 2005

Civil War Battlefield Motorcycle Trip 2004  

St. Martin Wedding Trip 2004

Lewis and Clark Trail Motorcycle Trip 2003

Western Motorcycle Trip 2002: The Addiction Begins



Windows Media Player files.

NEW Snowmass Ski Trip February 2009.  22Mb, 3.75 minutes

June 2007 Motorcycle Trip with Bill, Steve, and Richard.  35Mb, 6.5 minutes

Kauai, Hawaii, November 2005.  45Mb, 14 minutes

Lt. Summer Toscano's Winging, Kingsville NAS, November 2005.  18 Mb, 10 minutes

2005 Fall Motorcycle Trip, Georgia Mountains.  15 Mb, 7 minutes



Just Pictures

House Party, January 2007